Magento Set To Become PHP-Fig Member

It is now in the pipeline for Magento to become a PHP-Fig member. Magento 2 already follows PHP-Fig’s Psr standards, you can get an overview the different Psr standards are used by checking the composer.json.

Who are PHP-Fig?

PHP-Fig are a collaborative group who make recommendations for standardisations for writing PHP, this helps provide unity throughout the industry.

The standards cover many different principles and allow for developers across frameworks to collaborate with tools like Composer.

PHP-Fig also recommend a coding style guideline which helps produce readable code; in the words of PHP-Fig “reduce cognitive friction when scanning code from different authors”.

If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend reading PHP-Fig’s PHP Standards Recommendations page.

Why is good Magento are going to become a member?

As mentioned, by the PHP industry writing code in a uniform standard it means frameworks can easily share libraries and implementations.

Magento 2 already followed these guidelines which means packages can already be implemented, so by Magento becoming a member we technically don’t gain any advantages on this front.

The reason Magento joining PHP-Fig is so cool is because the community now has a voice in setting the standards, our reprisentive for this will of course be Ben Marks.

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