Access Control Lists (ACL) and permissions in Magento

##Define/identify basic terms and elements of ACL

ACL is used to restrict users access pages in the admin, like menu items this is defined in adminhtml.xml. This means the user isn’t just forbidden from accessing the controller but the menu item won’t display.

##Use ACL to:

– Set up a menu item – Create appropriate permissions for users

    <!-- This is how to setup a menu in a category -->
        <{top_menu} translate="title" module="{some_helper}">
            <title>Top Menu</title>
                <{child_menu} translate="title">
                        <title>Child Menu</title>
    <!-- This is how to setup permissions for users -->
            <admin> <!-- admin module -->
                        <title>Top Menu</title>
                            <{child_menu} translate="title">
                                <title>Child Menu</title>

##Check for permissions in permissions management tree structures To verify your understanding, ask yourself these questions:

###For what purpose is the _isAllowed() method used and which class types implement it?

_isAllowed() is called by the admin controller, it checks whether the user is allowed on the current page.

###What is the XML syntax for adding new menu element?

See above.

###What is adminhtml.xml used for? Which class parses it, and which class applies it?

Adminhtml is used for defining Menu items and user permissions.

###Where is the code located that processes the ACL XML and where is the code that applies it?

Mage_Admin_Model_Config::loadAclResources() uses the config model to get the aACL

###What is the relationship between Magento and Zend_Acl?

Mage_Admin_Model_Acl extends Zend_Acl.

###How is ACL information stored in the database?

These code references can be used as an entry point to find answers to the questions above:

  • Mage_Admin_Model_Acl
  • Mage_Admin_Model_Acl_Resource
  • Mage_Admin_Model_Acl_Role
  • Mage_Admin_Model_Resource_Acl
  • Mage_Admin_Model_Resource_Role
  • Mage_Admin_Model_Resource_Roles
  • Mage_Admin_Model_Resource_Rules
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