About Me

I have worked with Magento for approaching 5 years now mainly focusing on backend development. I started my career in 2010 after leaving college. I started as an in-house full stack developer in a small company called DF Sales. I worked alongside the lead developer to assist the Managing Director in their migration from Joomla to Magento, This meant I had the excellent opportunity to help build and theme many Magento stores from the ground up.

After 3 years of being at DF Sales the managing directory asked me to be a business development manager for a company called Kids Rooms which was an opportunity I jumped at. I worked closely with my managing director in the take over phase of Kids Rooms’, we met with the previous owners and learnt their processes.

While I was extremely grateful for the experience of being a business development manager, my passion has always been web development. Hence, I spoke to the managing director about relocating back into our web team; he agreed to give me a senior role which involved helping to train 2 junior developers.

I valued my time at DF Sales and enjoyed working with such a passionate and intelligent team. However I felt the best decision for my own development skill-set was to join a company called Meanbee. The Meanbee team write code to an extremely high standard, they also are passionate about open source software and sharing of information. If you need a medium to large size project done and are in the United Kingdom I would highly recommend Meanbee for the job.

Working for Meanbee held some massive benefits, not only has my own code quality improved vastly through exercises such as code reviews, but also getting familiar with another companies procedures has been great. I love the Agile workflow, their thorough documentation and sprint planning. Working in an agency also meant I achieved getting my Magento certification which had commercial imperative in my new role.

While I was working for Meanbee Magento 2 was released, so I have been focusing on learning that in my spare time which lead to them allowing me to lend a hand on their first Magento 2 project. I have a firm understanding of Magento 2 and more importantly modern PHP, I have been trying to write decoupled code with around a 70% test coverage.

Unfortunately due to wanting to migrate to Australia I had to leave my job at Meanbee after just 1.5 years, this saddened me as they were a brilliant company to work for. However, all clouds have silver linings as luckily there is a very strong Magento community even on the other side of the world. I am now working for Balance Internet as a technical lead. Balance Internet are a Magento Gold partner and have 30+ certified developers and have won multiple awards.

I have only recently joined Balance Internet but feel that the relationship will be beneficial to all parties involved. I am working in the Melbourne office and have been fortunate enough to meet the whole team individually. The experience each person brings is mind blowing and I am looking forward to many years of working with like-minded individuals.